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By Alwyn Crawshaw

Книга на английском языке, посвященная рисованию пейзажей. Авторы издания подробно рассказывают обо всех нюансах рисования с натуры, начиная с выбора красок и заканчивая отображением всех нюансов цвета на готовой картине. Материал представлен в виде нескольких уроков, каждый из которых посвящен созданию отдельного пейзажа.An fascinating new method of instructing panorama portray - every thing is completed direct from nature.All panorama painters prefer to paint without delay from nature and right here Alwyn and June Crawshaw convey the reader the right way to care for the entire difficulties of portray outdoor, even the elements! The e-book is split into various sections, every one facing a side of panorama portray. Contents:IntroductionCoping With altering LightWorking With GreensCreating AtmospherePainting TreesChoosing Dramatic SubjectsPainting Open SpacesPainting WaterSketching PeopleColourful ScenesPainting BuildingsWorking In A scorching ClimateCoping With wet WeatherComplicated Scenes

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And the laws of this convergence are the true content of his art. Or so it seems. But in fact how could this be possible? A painting is not a treatise. The logic of its measuring is different. Science in the second half of the fifteenth century lacked many concepts and much information which we now find necessary. So how is it that Piero remained convincing, whilst his contemporary astronomers have not? Look again at Piero’s faces, the ones that watch us. Nothing corresponds to their eyes. Their eyes are separate and unique.

As the pieces in this book were not written to be read as they are presented here, the combined effect is something like the famous opening scene of Ways of Seeing, in which Berger cuts out what looks to be Venus’s head from Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, and announces a kind of Situationist détournement: ‘Reproduction isolates a detail of a painting from the whole. The detail is transformed. ’ Having established the principles of selection, I was left with the issue of organisation. David Sylvester is one roughly contemporary example; when he edited his own About Modern Art: Selected Essays 1948–2000, he settled on a thematic structure, and compared it to a retrospective exhibition.

Why? This is the riddle. The short answer might be that they were a hybrid, totally bastard art-form, and that this heterogeneity corresponds with something in our present situation. Yet to make this answer comprehensible we have to proceed slowly. They are painted on wood – often linden – and some are painted on linen. In scale the faces are a little smaller than life. A number are painted in tempera; the medium used for the majority is encaustic, that is to say, colours mixed with beeswax, applied hot if the wax is pure, and cold if it has been emulsified.

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