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2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes Add minutes first. Add just as you would any two-digit number. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes 32 minutes Add hours. Add just as you would any one-digit number. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes 7 hours 32 minutes The sum of 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes is 7 hours 32 minutes. 40 Time Time values can be regrouped. 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes Add minutes first. Since 65 minutes is more than 1 hour, regroup. 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes 65 minutes 65 minutes ϭ 60 minutes ϩ 5 minutes.

The digit 7 is greater than 5, so 674 is closer to 700 than to 600. 674 rounds up to 700. Estimate Estimate 329 ϩ 674. 329 rounds to 300. 674 rounds to 700. estimate—An answer that is not exact; a reasonable guess. 300 ϩ 700 1,000 The estimated sum of 329 and 674 is 1,000. What do you do if the two numbers you are adding have different numbers of digits? Round to the greatest place value of the smaller number. Let’s look at an example. Estimate 921 ϩ 64. The smaller number is 64. The greatest place value of 64 is the tens place, so round both numbers to the tens place.

920 ϩ 60 980 The estimated sum of 921 and 64 is 980. 35 Mental Y ou can use mental math to solve addition problems. One way to do this is to group numbers to make sets of ten. 8 4 2 6 ϩ7 8 ϩ 2 ϭ 10 4 ϩ 6 ϭ 10 There are 2 groups of ten. Remember: You can grou p the numbers in any order and it won’t chang e the answer. 2 tens ϩ 7, or 20 ϩ 7 = 27 So, 8 ϩ 4 ϩ 2 ϩ 6 ϩ 7ϭ 27 36 Addition You can also take from one of the numbers and give the same amount to another number without changing the final answer.

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