Addition Made Easy by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson PDF

By Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

ISBN-10: 076602508X

ISBN-13: 9780766025080

Ebook by means of Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca

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1 6,378 ϩ 4,541 19 Add the numbers in the tens column. 7 + 4 = 11. Regroup 11. 11 tens is the same as 1 hundred and 1 ten. Write the 1 in the tens place. Carry the 1 to the hundreds column. 1 6,378 ϩ 4,541 919 30 Add the numbers in the hundreds column. 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 Write the 9 in the hundreds place. Numbers 1 1 6,378 ϩ 4,541 10,919 Add the numbers in the thousands place. 6 + 4 = 10. Regroup 10. Write the 0 in thousands place and the 1 in the ten-thousands place. 6,378 ϩ 4,541 = 10,919 Adding larger numbers is easy!

Carry the 1 to the hours column. Add hours. 1 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes 5 minutes 1 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes 11 hours 5 minutes The sum of 2 hours 45 minutes ϩ 8 hours 20 minutes is 11 hours 5 minutes. 41 Addition S ay you have six red shirts and five blue shirts. How many shirts do you have all together? The words “and” and “together” tell you that you should add the number of red shirts and the number of blue shirts. 6 red shirts ϩ 5 blue shirts ϭ 11 shirts Words that help you know how to solve problems are called key words.

You have 45¢ so far. Now add 3 nickels. Begin at 45 and count by fives. After 45 is 50, 55, 60. You have 60¢ so far. Now add the 6 pennies. Begin at 60 and count by ones. After 60 is 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66. You have a total of 66 cents. 39 Adding T o add time values, add minutes to minutes, and hours to hours. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes Write the problem in columns. Line up matching units. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes Add minutes first. Add just as you would any two-digit number.

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