A text book of practical botany 1 by Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre PDF

By Dr. Ashok Kumar Dr. Ashok Bendre

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Thalli may be homothallic or heterothallic. 2. Sexual reproduction is oogamous. 3. Antheridia are generally borne at the tips in filamentous species and in the middle or peripheral region in the discoid species. 4. Anteridia appear as a group of small cells. 5. Oogonia are also borne terminally in filamentous species and towards periphery in the discoid species. 6. Oogonium is a flask-shaped structure with long tubular trichogyne. 7. The fertilization results in the formation of a zygote which remains embedded inside the wall of the oogonium.

10. Some of paraphyses are branched and hold one or more antheridia at the tips of the branches. 11. Each antheridium has a thick wall made of two layers. 12. On maturity about 64 biflagellate antherozoids are produced. ~~ A A wall of the •• conceptacle antheridium Fig. 7. Sargassum. A-B. A. s. through male receptacle, B. A male conceptacle as shown in fig. B enlarged. Fig. 8. Sargassum. A-B. A. s.

Branching is lateral but appears dichotomous because of evection (process of pushing the main axis on one side during the development of lateral branches). Hints for Collection This alga occurs in large quantities in pennanent pools or other bodies of stagnant water. It fonns an extensive net which covers the entire surface of water reservoir, and is as such called 'water net'. ICladophora I Classification Sub-division Class Order Family Genus Algae Chlorophyceae Cladophorales Cladophoraceae Cladophora Fig.

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