New PDF release: A Guide to Poisonous House and Garden Plants

By Anthony Knight

ISBN-10: 1591610281

ISBN-13: 9781591610281

This name is a superb source to assist indentify toxic crops in the house and backyard and comprises the most up-tp-date information regarding plant toxicity in canine and cats. This crucial reference permits veterinarians not to merely establish toxic vegetation, but additionally contains the poisonous homes of the plant and the scientific indicators that may be anticipated in animals that ingest the vegetation. This instrumental advisor comprises certain discussions at the plant pollution, the plant components which are most threatening and the 1st reduction that are supposed to be thought of. The name comprises 192 family and unique plant species, with an emphasis on vegetation commonly present in and round the domestic. This consumer pleasant consultant is equipped alphabetically by way of the plant’s botanical identify, whereas the index comprises universal names indexed to assist locate the categorical plant in query. The 350 prime quality colour images additionally support the practitioner in actual plant identity. The hugely visible, simply obtainable structure make this name an excellent toxically reference for small animal practitioners.

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Periwinkle Vincristine, reserpine Chelidonium majus Celandine Berberine, chelidonine Cicuta spp. Water hemlock Cicutoxin, cicutol Clivia spp. Clivia Phenanthridine alkaloids (lycorine) Colchicum spp. Autumn crocus Colchicine Conium maculatum European, spotted hemlock Coniceine, coniine Coriaria spp. Coriaria Coriamyrtin Corydalis spp. Fitweed, corydalis Apomorphine, protoberberine Genus Common Name General Effect Crinum spp. Crinum lily Phenanthridine alkaloids (lycorine) Cycas spp. Cycad, sago palm Glycosides Datura spp.

Cestrum, jasmine Hepatotoxic glycosides Cycas spp. Cycad, sago palm Glycosides Heliotropium spp. Heliotrope Pyrrolizidine alkaloids Juglans nigra Black walnut Juglone? (dogs experimentally) Melaleuca spp. Melaleuca, tea tree Sesquiterpenes Melia azadarach Chinaberry Triterpines (meliatoxins) Senecio (Packera) spp. Senecio, groundsel Pyrrolizzidine alkaloids Symphytum spp. Comfrey Pyrrolizidine alkaloids Yucca spp. Yucca Saponins Zamia spp. Sago palm Glycosides (cycasin) Plants Causing Muscle Weakness, Tremors (back to Top) Genus Common Name General Effect Baptisia spp.

Staminate - Male-flowered, with stamens only. Standard - The large petal that stands up at the back of the flower as in a pea flower. Stellate - Star-shaped. Stipule - An appendage at the base of a leaf, or other plant part. Stolon - A basal branch rooting at the nodes. Striate - Marked with fine, longitudinal, parallel lines, ridges, or grooves. T Taproot - A strong, fleshy root that grows vertically into the soil, with smaller lateral roots. Tendril - Thread-like stem or leaf that clings to adjacent structures for support (peas).

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