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58 • Christopher Columbus ( 14511596) was the Genoese sailor who crossed the Atlantic and 'discovered' North and South America for Europe. • Columbus was not the first European to cross the Atlantic. The Vikings, for instance, settled In ewfoundland in AD 1004. But it is Columbus's discovery that lasted. • Other sailors were trying to find their way to China and the east by sailing south round Africa. Columbus, realizing the Earth is round, wanted to strike out west across the open Atlantic Ocean and reach China that way.

The darker brown area shows the extent of the Illca empire nt the height of its power. 5 km apart. A message could travel 250 km in under a day. • Inca builders cut and fitted huge stones with astonishing precision to create massive buildings. • The royal palace had a garden full of life-like corn stalks, animals and birds made of solid gold. FASCINATING FACT The Inca capital was called Cuzco, which means 'navel' because it was the centre of their world. Christopher Columbus ~ The venutiful sllOres of the Bnhnll/(/s lvere provnvly Ihose first spot/erf vy Colulllvus all his voynge westwnrrf.

They were also fast - vital when crossing vast oceans. Big square sails on the fore and main masts filled like parachutes for high-speed sailing A lookout in the crow's nest often saw new land first 111 A triangular lateen sail on the mizzen (rear) mast helped the ship sail into the wind and manoeuvre along coasts • gave extra storm protection and extra accommoda tion • • • • • • • • • • , 52 The caravel's strong deck was a platform for guns and made it very storm-proof The caravel had a deep, narrow hull and a strong, straight keel for speed and stability A small poop (raised deck) held the captain's cabin 1000 Facts on Modern History • ••• • • • ••••••••• ••••••••••••• ••• • At first, they tried to go round Africa, and voyages ventured down Africa's unknown west coast.

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